The Vision

Idiomas App

The internet has made many discoveries available in just seconds, but what about those who don't know any foreign languages? It's difficult for them to take part fully in this modern age because they lack crucial skills like understanding pronunciation and expression through conversation or reading text written by someone else in their native tongue!

Most apps focus primarily on learning English if you're already fluent in another language or visa versa, but there was no strong app that provides proper online course content to learn other languages, such as German, Chinese, French etc, if you're native Spanish or Turkish.

So, the idea of our partner was to support Spanish and Turkish-speaking countries in learning new languages. We transformed the idea into a meaningful IT Solution to teach a different foreign language to Spanish and Turkeys native speaking people. Our easy-to-use and everywhere-accessible language-learning solution revolutionize the way people learn any language in just a couple of weeks with the right lessons and digital teacher.

Explore how we make learning a foreign language as a native Spanish or Turkish efficient and fun.

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Our Solution

Idiomas - Learning a language with ease

Our handcrafted solution makes learning any foreign language quicker and easier. By connecting you with another culture and language, our purpose is to help you communicate efficiently with different people in their native language.

The Idiomas mobile App makes it easy to succesfully learn a foreign language. You don't have to register or log in. Simply select your native language and then choose the language you want to learn. The introductory audios will be available for free in all languages. So you can easily access, download, and listen to it offline or online. The samples will help you determine if you should buy the course. If you wish to continue with those lessons, need to start a monthly subscription to that specific language course.

After subscribing to your favorite learning course, you can listen to different conversations related to your work, travel, or everyday life. The languages will expand your vocabulary and show you how easy it is to learn and speak. Activatable subtitles are available on every audio file.

Find more about the technical insight of this solution.

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Main Features



Idiomas onboards users with a brief overview of its mission, vision, and about its founder, Thomas Pillich. After this, users can choose which language they would like to learn and listen to its free introductory audio lessons. A user who has not subscribed to Idiomas can only access its free audio introductions, while subscribers have access to all the audios related to the language they have subscribed to.

Every month, the subscription is renewed. It can be canceled from the Play Store or App Store at any time. The user can no longer access a certain language course after canceling the subscription. The Apple and Google's in-app purchases payment system has been used for purchase and subscription management.


Language courses

Language learning courses are a fun and beneficial way to learn a new language in the car, on the way home, on the way to work, to university, or college. The courses are available in Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, and Portuguese, each with its own audio lessons for Spanish and Turkish native speakers. Users can download them, listen to them and learn from anywhere. The dialogues in lessons are related to daily life, travel, and work. Also, audio player and customized subtitles have been added on top of it.


Offline access

Users can access the app offline anytime, anywhere! As everything is downloaded directly to the user's device before playing through headphones, users will never run out of internet data or lose their work. In order to achieve this, we implemented encryption and decryption methods in all audio files within our program so that they can be played securely without ever requiring an online connection.

Feature Overview

Idiomas onboarding
In-app purchase
Language learning audio lessons
Encrypted file downloadmanager

Tech Stack

We are listening to our customers and thrive to cover all open questions and demystify software development processes and technologies behind it. Enjoy exploring some of the topics in our blog categories below.

Cross platform development flutter (Dart)

Flutter applications are written in Dart. Dart is an open-source and free language. Flutter contains more app-specific libraries, including widgets, materials, and cupertino. With, it is possible to build an application that will run on 6 different platforms simultaneously. These include Windows, Linux, Android, Mac, and iOS.


The audio lessons files were stored in a catch so that it could be accessed offline. The audio files were called from the source through GitHub and saved on the users' devices.

Data encryption and decryption

Encryption and Decryption methods have been used to decrypt all audio file in the app. The original audio and decrypted audio files are authenticated securely. The process of encrypting transforms plain text data into ciphertext, which is incomprehensible. In decryption, the plaintext is converted to ciphertext.

Audio Player

The audio player was integrated to make learning a new language fun and easy. The app provides audio for every language learning lesson. This allows users to easily repeat, or reinforce what they learned. Listening to the lesson materials and following the text helps users not to have to guess what is being said or read aloud!


Biggest Challenge And Our Journey Of Overcoming

On the way to developing a custom mobile app solution, we grow with the help of challenges.

The first major challenge we encountered was that if a user had purchased a course but when they restart the application, the application asks them again to purchase the course as IAP states were not being updated properly.

For this challenge, we examined the user's history of IAP usage and compared it with a list of languages the app offered. Our next step was to update the array and check if the user had previously purchased and downloaded language courses from the app. Based on that the correct state is displayed. When a user is actively enrolled in a course, they will be able to download and listen to recorded lectures.

In addition to this issue, we ran into encryption and decryption issues. Existing audio files were encrypted with a specific key, but neither we nor the client knew it. Therefore, when we added the new language to the audio files we had to create a new encryption concept that applied to all audio files (Spanish and Turkish).

o resolve the issue, we came up with an encryption method called ‘Advanced Encryption Standard Encryption/Decryption' Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) - GeeksforGeeks. We then quickly created a demo and converted all other language files into a secure encrypted format. These files were uploaded to GitHub.

With a “Never Give Up” attitude and the motto of “Partner & End-User Happiness the challenges were no more than a few enjoyable moments for us.

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Special Moment

Most Special Moment In Our Journey

A special step in creating Idiomas was for us the idea itself of learning other languages as a native Spanish or Turkish speaker, combined with a delightful design that is easy to use.

In essence, the app says that learning a new language with Thomas as a tutor is as simple as using the app:

Install it, select your native language(Spanish and Turkish), choose a language you want to learn, try the free lessons, buy within 2 clicks, and enjoy learning.

So it was very special to design the user flow as simple as possible to underline the simplicity of the language learning itself and get rid of any friction from the users.