The Vision

Die friedliche Geburt

For many women, the idea of childbirth is completely linked to an image of fear and pain. This mental connection, which has developed over the centuries, is so deeply anchored that most people can hardly imagine a birth in deep peace and without pain.

After experiencing two terrible and exhausting childbirth, our partner Kristin turned her passion into a mission that helps millions of women have a peaceful, self-determined, and happy childbirth experience. As part of this mission, our partner wanted to build an IT Solution that will provide a digital platform the guide upcoming mothers by proven methods to a peaceful birth.

With this IT Solution, women can meditate, listen to podcasts, and enjoy hypnosis anytime, anywhere, and even without internet. With online courses and live sessions, women can also gain more in-depth knowledge about the journey of pregnancy.

Explore how our team of goal-getters created the most engaging IT Solution for our partner's Die Friedliche Geburt mission.

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Our Solution

Die friedliche geburt - A peaceful journey of your childbirth.

In the cross-platform mobile App “Die friedliche Geburt” created in the framework Flutter, the user will enjoy the full journey of a peaceful birth.

The user will enjoy online courses, calming and trusting meditations, podcasts with category filter, tried and tested audio hypnosis with different background music, exclusive live sessions with Kristin, a calendar to track their activities and way more.

The audio and video materials can be downloaded so they can be accessed without the internet to be accessible in the hospital while giving the birth.

The App provides a guest mode where the user can access limited content to get used to the applied methods of Die friedliche Geburt.

For more curious users they can register for a 14 days free-trial to access more content and explore the first module of the online course.
For the subscribed users the whole App with all functions will be available.

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Main Features


User Registration And Profile Management

Die friedliche Geburt handles 4 different user type

Guest Users: App users who use the app without sign up. The guest users have access to only some sample meditations and podcasts.

Trail Users: App users who signs up in the app for a 14-day free trial. They get access in a limited way to the core feature of the App.

Paid User: App users who subscribed on the website for the online course. They get access to all the features of the app.

Inactive users: The inactive users are those who continue to use the app after their pregnancy. They can still access the saved podcasts and courses even though they cannot access other parts of the App.


Online Courses

The online course is an interactive course for the user with videos, learning material and more. It is split into 4 different modules which the user should do one by one to prepare the best of the birth. Each lesson can be marked as complete to navigate easier through the modules. The user status will be tracked in the feature.

Download videos can be accessed in offline mode as well.



Users of Die friedliche Geburt App can use the calendar as a diary or to keep track of past activities. Whenever a video or audio is watched or listened in the application, it will be added to the calendar. By clicking any date, the user will be able to view the history of that day with the personal note if they have added it. Additionally, if a live session is scheduled for a future date, it will appear on the calendar.



Hypnosis will be played in a special designer audio player. Over 100 different hypnosis can be accessed and downloaded with 4 different background music. Sleep timers, automatically repeats and more have been implemented to make the experience as convenient as possible. Hypnosis are the most important part of the App as they are listened while birth to go into the required trance.


Live Session

Weekly live sessions are performed with all paid users of the App using a native player connected to VIMEO live streaming. Using a live chat important questions can be asked/answered or hints can be shared to having a peaceful birth in the best possible way.

Feature Overview

User registration and profile management
Audio and video player
Download and Offline Management
Push notifications
API development and server
Infrastructure set up

Tech Stack

We are listening to our customers and thrive to cover all open questions and demystify software development processes and technologies behind it. Enjoy exploring some of the topics in our blog categories below.

Cross platform development flutter (Dart)

Flutter applications are written in Dart. Dart is an open-source and free language. Flutter contains more app-specific libraries, including widgets, materials, and cupertino. With this, it is possible to build an application that will run on 6 different platforms simultaneously. These include Windows, Linux, Android, Mac, and iOS.


Backend development was done using WordPress, which allows easy editing and uploading of content. MySQL DB is designed for high-performance applications, with full-text indexes and memory caches to enhance performance. API logic was created to call data from the server to the user, including podcasts, offline podcasts, and hypnosis.

Social Login

We integrated social logins such as Apple login, Google login, and Facebook login so that creating a new account was no longer necessary. Using social login makes the process seamless and easy. So users do not have to worry about resetting their passwords after registering or logging in.

Vimeo Player

Vimeo Live and the Vimeo Player have been integrated to provide meditation videos and live sessions. You can upload videos to Vimeo, edit them, delete them, and set privacy settings for them. Enjoy unlimited video uploads and secure access to your videos.


Biggest Challenge And Our Journey Of Overcoming

It was challenging to manage a high user load, and the app’s low response time as all was managed on a WordPress back-end. Read how we overcome those challenges after installing a monitoring tool and implementing 2FA authentication.
App Performance Improvements
Due to the WordPress database design simple data requests between the mobile App and server took a lot of time. By introducing a redis cache we could reduce the response time of the server by 50%.

On the same time we optimized the sizes of the used video, audio and image files to provide required quality but not unnecessary quality.

We enhanced our local cache handling concept to reduce the server requests done per user session based on the data types. Applying the different methods we could increase the performance dramatically but the performance is a never ending topic and we continuously seeking for improvements.

To prevent security issues, we have updated the registration process.

While verifying registration, we did not add all new users directly to the user database. To prevent security issues and hacker attacks, we set up a temporary table and transfer data to the user table after user verification. With a temporary user table, we can improve the flow by adding the user only after he has approved the OTP.

A second step, we have included the MFA option on the OTP screen and displayed the relevant message if the user only has an email address; but if the user only has an SMS number, we would use SMS.

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Special Moment

Most Special Moment In Our Journey

The Die friedliche Geburt App is unique and special in the sense that it is designed specifically for women to have a peaceful birth experience.

It is the only app on the market that is used during giving birth to a baby, and we are very proud to be the 360° Partner Software Development Partner that can put hands-on by providing a high-performing IT Solution that all women can rely on in one of their most important moments of life.

The innovative features of Die friedliche Geburt mobile App supports pregnant women through this exciting period of life while also easing any anxieties or fears they may have regarding childbirth with proven birth preparation methods - all while providing an amazing user experience that will instantly grab moms' attention!

Therefore, we paid much attention to making the App a wonderful companion for mothers-to-be.